Our controllers are used within displays for integrated video-information projects for the public, currently operating in high-traffic environments including:

  • Railway stations
  • International Airports

Information boards, especially those located in contexts such as airports and railway stations, are designed to work in critical conditions: As they are located in public spaces, they must be made of the strongest and safest material to resist vandalism; they must have multi-layered anti-reflective glass to make the service usable in all circumstances; they must be able to be installed both horizontally and vertically so that they can adapt to all available spaces and to the particular nature of the content to be conveyed; they must guarantee maximum reliability and continuous operation (24/7), and in any environmental conditions (indoor, outdoor, etc.). Finally, they must transmit a very high resolution image.

Our controllers are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum effectiveness for these video information systems. Here are their main features:

  • They are optimised for use on high-performance, high-resolution flat-screen monitors
  • They guarantee continuous operation H24 7 days a week.
  • They have innovative self-diagnostic capabilities to drastically reduce downtime.
  • Some of our boards include a brightness sensor for automatic backlight control, a temperature sensor for programmable fan control and a backlight fault alarm.
  • They are equipped with optimisation circuits that create sharp and clear images, centred on the screen and guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of detail and three-dimensionality of the displayed image
  • They are equipped with a video scaler that converts video signals from one display resolution to another, to adapt perfectly to any required resolution.
  • For specific applications where audio is required, the controller can also have a built-in amplifier with a power of 20+20W while still releasing an audio out channel for possible external amplification.