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The VIN913 is a highly integrated board that interfaces HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI digital video inputs in virtually any format to a flat-panel display.

The VIN913 is optimised for high-performance monitors and features an advanced image processor with HDMI2.0 internal DP1.2 HBR2 and DVI/HDMI1.4.

All inputs are HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compatible.

Computer, VGA to DCI 4K (4096×2160@60Hz), images can be scaled to fit a target display device with any resolution, up to 4096×2160@60Hz.

The optimisation circuit creates sharp and clear images, centred on the screen, without user intervention.

VIN913 includes a light sensor for automatic backlight control, a temperature sensor for programmable fan control and a stereo amplifier up to 20+20W@8-Ohm.

VIN913 has innovative self-diagnostic capabilities with the ability to communicate its status via RS232.

Using VIN913 increases monitor reliability and drastically reduces downtime.

Technical Specifications

Chip Set

  • MST9U13Q1

Panel Connectivity

  • All LCD TFT Panels up to 4096×2160@60Hz - 4:3 and 16:9

Digital Input (HDMI) Interface

  • 1 HMDI Standard Connector
  • HMDI 2.0 compliant Rx
  • Supports resolutions up to DCI 4K (4096×2160@60Hz )
  • Deep colour and wide gamut support: 8/10/12-bit at YCC 4:4:4
  • Supports integrated HDCP 2.2

Digital Input (DisplayPort) Interface

  • 1 DisplayPort Standard Connector
  • 4-lane DP1.2 HBR2 compliant Rx
  • One auxiliary channel
  • Supports SST with resolution up to DCI 4K (4096×2160@60Hz )
  • Supports integrated HDCP 2.2

Digital Input (DVI) Interface

  • 1 DVI-I Dual Link Standard Connector
  • One DVI Compliant Input Ports
  • Operates up to 165MHz Single link up to 1920X1200@60Hz
  • Operates up to 165MHz Dual link up to 2560X1600@60Hz
  • Supports integrated HDCP 1.4

Pages Control by On-Screen Display (OSD)

  • Input Source
  • Brightness and Contrast
  • Colour Format
  • Colour Setting
  • Picture Quality
  • Display Setting
  • Audio Setting
  • Other Setting

Control Modes

  • Seven push-buttons
  • Infrared
  • One Serial RS232

Digital I/O

  • 3Vor 5V (Default) I2C-Bus
  • 2 TTL in 10-KOhm P.U.
  • 2 Open Drain 24V 400mA Inductive Load

Output Panel Interface

  • Supports 8-ch V-by-One compliant transmitter
  • Supports eDP compliant transmitters up to 8 lanes

Panel Power Supply

  • 5 - 12 VDC / 5A Max

Inverter Support

  • 12/24 VDC Power
  • Enable pin signal
  • Analog Dimmer adjust 0 - 3.3VDC or Digital PWM pin signal


  • Inverter 1 Current 0-15 ADC Max
  • Inverter 1 Voltage 0-26 VDC Max
  • Inverter 2 Current 0-15 ADC Max
  • Inverter 2 Voltage 0-26 VDC Max
  • Panel Current 0-5 ADC Max
  • Panel Voltage 0-12 VDC Max
  • On-board temperature -40°C to 85°C
  • External temperature -40°C to 85°C
  • Ambient Light Dark to 10,000 Lux (Relative measure)

Fan Control

  • 1 line setup via RS-232 protocol 12-24VDC 2A


Power requirements

  • 12 -24VDC Max 5W Only VIN913 Control Board